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About a year ago I registered for the Springwise weekly newsletter. It’s the one email newsletter that I read religiously. Cup of coffee in one hand, computer mouse in the other – it’s a moment of peace and quiet.

I was overjoyed in last week’s newsletter to see that someone has finally opened a mobile shoe shop. I have been suggesting this for years. If you’re in or near Berkhamsted (I’m not unfortunately) you’re in luck.

Shoe shopping was always hideous for us when Archie was younger. He would kick the staff when they tried to touch his feet and curl his toes in the measure making it impossible to find his size. We also had the issue of waiting. He’s actually fine now – the last set of shoes were fitted on a busy day and the only problem I had was preventing him from marching straight out of the shop when the fitter suggested he had a walk around.

Haircuts were similarly hideous when Archie was little and that problem was solved by school. They have a hairdresser visit every six weeks. We send him in with his £5 and he arrives home shorn. For many years I hoped they would make a similar arrangement with a shoe shop –  alas no – but if you’re in anywhere near Hippity Hop Shoes your life might just have become easier.


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