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I’ve written quite a bit on here about Horse Boy Camps. Unfortunately the links on those posts are now a bit out of date as the camps are no longer being run by Worldwide and so contact details for these camps have now changed. There’s a new website and Facebook group. Your first choice of contact in the UK is probably Gillian Naysmith. They’re in the process of setting up several permanent sites in the UK and are also now running training camps.

Rupert Isaacson is still overseeing the  camps and Karen Thursfield is still a camp leader in the UK so although there will be changes the concept of the camps shouldn’t have changed that much. I have noticed that the age limit has changed. Previously there was no age limit; in fact an adult attended our camp, but the camps are now only open to children aged 2-12.  This seems a shame and a rather arbitrary limit (what is it with autism and animals? No service dogs for the over 11’s, no horse boy holidays for the over 12’s). I promised Joseph one of Archie’s brothers after the camp this year that he would be able to go on ‘the best holiday ever’ again next year. It seems as if it might be the last year given that Archie will be turning 12 next year. The majority of children on our camp were the same sort of age as Archie and it worked pretty well so I’m a little surprised by that change.

I will keep an eye open for similar ideas suitable for older children and will of course post anything I find on here.


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I’m really pleased to say that horse boy camps are getting really popular. They are running a lot of camps this year. Details in the WorldWild newsletter. Keep up to date by signing up to receive the newsletter at the WorldWild website.

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I’ve just come across this;  skiing4all. Run by Anna Wegner, a British Psychologist and Austrian qualified ski instructor she offers skiing programs for individuals with cognitive disabilities. These can be combined with activities such as pony riding and swimming. Looks well worth checking out. They mention using a ‘PECS on the slopes’ system which sounds intriguing.

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