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brokenwindowSafety is of course a big issue when you have a child with autism. We have 3 locks on the front door, internal door locks, window locks, 8 ft fences around the garden and so on and so forth.


For a while we had a problem with windows being broken – from headbutting. Frayed nerves all round – well mine were frayed, my son was fairly oblivious to the danger. Our windows were very old and needed to be replaced at huge cost. It wasn’t an easy process and it took a long time and several complaints from me but we were able to get some funding from a Disabled Facilities Grant.  


These are not means tested for children. To apply you need to ask your social worker for a referral to an occupational therapist. He or she will visit and carry out and assessment. It was worth the time and hassle – it meant we could get the windows double gazed and they are now much safer. 


We’ve had to try and find various other safety solutions in the past. For a while I thought about starting a social enterprise that would source, develop and supply safety products for people with autism. In the meantime I came across this site, BabySecurity which looks to have a pretty huge range. OK it’s aimed at babies  and toddlers so some of the safety devices on there aren’t going to last 5 minutes faced with our kids, but it does look a good place to start. I could have done with the window film. 


They also have child trackers. Something that will be the subject of a post in the not too distant future- we have a camping trip coming up……


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