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This is an interesting one. I think I spent the early years of Archie’s life post diagnosis attempting to overcome autism. As he grew it became apparent that wasn’t going to happen for him. He’s nearly 10 now, and whilst he makes progress all the time he’s still severely autistic and has only one clear word (‘Mummy’- which would probably rather selfishly be my one word of choice ). Consequently ideas of overcoming autism have sort of slowly gone out of the window and instead we’ve had to think of ways for him to have a full and happy life with autism being part and parcel of it. 

And so ensuring his life was full of fun experiences became a bit of a goal. And every day he’s not at school we try and do something, whether it’s climbing a lighthouse, or going for a walk on Dartmoor, visiting the beach or even visiting the local campervan showroom. Finding something that works isn’t always easy (today for example we drove to the beach, where Archie refused to leave the car, he did enjoy the ferry trip on the way, and we did get to eat ice cream so hey ho). Something that has helped us access the more exciting stuff this has been specialist events. For example he’s attended specialist climbing sessions and trampoline classes and have a fantastic day surfing on a surfboard adapted to carry two people at once. I’ve added a couple of photos below, just because I love them. And I think they capture the point of this post which is that a happy life is one which offers opportunities to access events and different experiences. 



Which brings me onto the International Association for Life Quality. Based in the United States, this new organisation is dedicated to improving life quality for people with developmental disabilities. They will be offering online caregiver training, life coach training and a chance to network online with others. It’s been set up by TERI Inc who provide services to children and adults with autism and learning disabilities. The website states that “the Association for Life Quality is an organization dedicated to identifying and removing barriers to a quality life for those who have developmental disabilities and their families” which seems a pretty good aim to me, and something worth finding out more about.


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