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Growing Minds in Paris

I’ve written before about Growing Minds here  I’ve just received an email to say they’re coming to Paris in November. I’ll just cut and paste the email before. Something that I really liked about Growing Minds is that they are not tied to one particular type of intervention. They have a lot of experience of different types and I really believe that this allows them to produce a program that fits around a child (or adult) rather than have the individual fit the intervention. 

Almost two years on from Growing Minds many of the gains that Archie is making can be attributed to them. Their methods taught Archie imitation which has allowed him to start to use Makaton, to go climbing and to go surfing. Their methods  taught him to walk with me, rather than run off which has opened the world of hiking on Dartmoor to him. We’re now teaching Archie to use a keyboard and to read and write under instruction from  Marion Blank. This is not easy by any means, but without the initial input of Growing Minds, and the attention skills he learned from doing their program, I think this would have been beyond impossible. 

Anyway, the email:

Growing Minds Training is coming to Paris!

This is an opportunity for parents and professionals helping children with autism spectrum disorders to receive affordable training and support close to home. This is the only time this year that this program will be offered outside the United States.

Paris, France
November 11-14, 2008 
(Presented in English with simultaneous translation into French)

For a full description of this program visit our website: 
http://www.autism-programs.com/pa ris.htm

Or to read about the program in French, please click:
http://www.autism-programs.com/pa risF.htm

This is training for parents and professionals working with children who have 
Pervasive Developmental Delay
Asperger’s Syndrome
Behavior problems associated with these conditions 
Dyspraxia or other muscular/neurological difficulties associated with autism

You’ll learn skills to:
Increase motivation and cooperation
Improve communication and social interaction
Reduce problem behaviors 
Accelerate learning 
Achieve appropriate social and developmental goals

The program is designed and presented by Steven and Kaitryn Wertz, based on twenty-five years of experience in training over one thousand parents and their children with autism-spectrum disorders.

This program is recommended for: 
Parents who want skills to help their child make improved progress—with communication, social interaction, behavior or academics
Parents who want better results from an existing home program 
Family members, volunteers and staff who support home-based programs 
Autism professionals interested in home-based learning

For full details, visit our website by clicking on the links above.

Or contact our local sponsor 
Mrs Wil Clavien Lamers (French, English and Dutch)
Route de Montana 29
3968 Veyras/Switzerland
Phone/fax : 0041 – 27 – 455 37 03

Best wishes!
The Growing Minds Team 
Steven, Kaitryn and Stefanie



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