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a-steepleI’m not sure that this is autism information as such, but recently we have started to take Archie up onto Dartmoor. Until last summer he would run off, making it impossible to even consider going onto the high moor. This was sorted with help from Growing Minds and some extra pairs of hands funded by direct payments.

It’s been great. The isolation and emptiness of the high moor has a very noticeable calming effect on Archie. He’s also learning to walk with me without having to have his hand held the whole time. A freedom which he loves, and a great RDI type therapy if you’re into that sort of thing (I’ll write about RDI sometime).  He particularly enjoys the rivers and flagpoles,and I always take lots of photos for him to look at when we get home. He’s even learning the names of some of the tors.

If you’re going up on the high moor you do of course need to know how to use a compass/read a map/have the correct equipment etc. I tend to play it fairly safe with Archie. I don’t attempt river crossings unless there are at least two adults on the walk, and I pretty much stick to paths when it’s


a-great-misThose of you that know Dartmoor will now be wondering how I got the foggy Great Mis picture- er that was a mistake – and we now always stick to paths when foggy.

If anyone is interested in forming some sort of walking group for children who are physically able but have severe autism/severe learning difficulties then please do get in contact.

To finish, a link to the Calvert Trust, who provide outward bound type holidays for individuals with disabilities (and their families). I have never been (will do when the younger boys are older) but have heard excellent things about them from a number of people.



Christmas Day 2007


The view from Roos Tor


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