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Leading rein Oh my goodness I am so excited by this. Horse Boy Camps are coming to the UK. If you haven’t already read Horse Boy it is well worth a read. It’s quite a powerful book, well it got me back into horseriding after a 16 year break so it captures something about the experience. I now try and go weekly (although usually I only manage fortnightly).

I’ve also been able to take my son (well three sons actually) horse riding a few times at a friend’s house. The effect on number 1 son has been very noticeable. Calmness is not always an easy state for him to achieve, but as soon as he’s on a horse he’s calm. He doesn’t usually bother holding on, but his seat is very good and he has absolutely loved trotting without any fear at all or any signs that he might fall off.  I hope that horse riding is something that he can continue to do and I of course amuse myself getting carried away dreaming of the perfect bombproof family horse.

So anyway back to the Camps. The first camp looks as if it is next week which is probably too soon for us to make, even though we are local. However, it sounds as if this might be the first of many, so I have emailed for details in the future.

For the more adventurous there is a 2010 Mongolia trip planned. I would be booking my place (can’t think of anything more heavenly), but although I am confident that number 1 son would love a week horse riding, I am not confident that he would cope with a plane ride.


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