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We dread the light summer evenings every year. It usually heralds difficulties getting Archie to bed and difficulties keeping him asleep.  Unless the current streetlamp obsession dies down this year could be even worse than previous ones as Archie appears to have a need to see them go on and off (and perhaps have a good look at them whilst on).

So light room solutions…….

One I’ve written about before; Safespaces . I still covet a Safespace. Other fairly heavy duty solutions include things like security shutters. I have it on good report that they work (also whilst we’re on big solutions – jewellers gates apparently, if you have an escape artist). I’m not sure Archie would tolerate either a Safespace or security shutter right now as looking out of the window at bedtime seems to be a rather important part of the day for him. We probably should have introduced something when he was younger. Maybe a shutter would work if we allowed him to look for a certain length of time.

Another solution is whiteout film. I have to admit I like the look of this. Cheap and effective, with nothing to stand on, be torn down or tangled up in. The disadvantage is that you can’t remove it during the day so the room becomes permanently dark. That wouldn’t be such a problem for us now, but it would in the years when we had to remove the light bulb because Archie kept flicking ¬†switches rather than sleeping. Of course he wouldn’t be able to see his beloved streetlamps so for us it’s something to add to the list to potentially use later rather than right away.

There’s also these portable blackout blinds. I have a feeling they would be pulled down in minutes in this house but I am tempted to try.


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