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I’ve just come across MouseTrial. It’s computer software that aims to increase vocabulary. Can be used for fun or as part of an ABA program.

We’re not running any sort of program at the moment, but my son has a slight (understatement) obsession with various household objects and would probably really enjoy this. I think it’s something that should be at the right levels as well. I’ll try him tonight. English accents too which is a bonus for those of us in England. It costs $29 or $10 for individuals modules and you can play online or via a CD. You can try it for free.


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Hiyah.net. Full marks for this one. Developed by the ¬†ex-special needs teacher Mum of 2 autistic boys (one with severe and one with moderate autism) she has developed a series of computer games which can be operated using only the space bar. They are designed for children with limited language and are free, with no advertising on the site. There may be some Mac compatibility issues (there seems to be with mine), but hey ho I’m still impressed.

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