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I was emailed a flyer for an online Floortime course followed by a workshop on regulatory sensory processing disorders. This online conference will provide the basic infancy and early childhood training course and there will be an opportunity for interested participants to show mastery and obtain a certificate (although you can just do the course).

 Floortime, also known as the DIR – or Developmental Individual-Difference Relationship model was developed by Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder as a therapy to be used with children with special needs including autism. I don’t know a lot about it (although I’m intending to do the course so I hope to change that) but I believe that it takes children through ‘missed’ developmental stages using playful interactions. Usually the bulk of the therapy is carried out by parents.

 The course costs $175 or $250 if you take the workshop as well. So whilst it’s not cheap, it’s certainly a lot cheaper than attending a 15 hour conference in person. The weak dollar helps!


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