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I’ve become very interested in animal assisted therapies recently. Partly because I’ve been getting quite involved in horse riding in general and  in equine therapy specifically, but I’ve also been surprised by the way being around dogs affects my son.  He’s not a great animal lover. He likes horse riding, but he finds fur difficult. I was therefore staggered to find him very interested, indeed fascinated by my friend’s guide dog. My friend’s dog is very calm which I think helps.

If this is something that interests you, you might be interested in the book Cowboy and Wills by Marni Wander. Amazon is giving a publication date of July, but you can find out more from the myspace or facebook page. I have been fortunate enough to have received a copy already and was interested to find that Cowboy is, like my friend’s guide dog, a golden retriever. Wills is much higher functioning that my son, but the changes described are similar to those I observed in my son around my friend’s dog. A lovely heartwarming story.

This might be (time permitting) the year we add to our family with a dog……..


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