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This blog is going to change focus a bit. I’ve imported an old blog where I reviewed products that might be of benefit to families living with autism, but from now on this blog is going to be more of a place to  think about autism, especially the more severe end of the spectrum (in the broadest sense of the word).  

I’m in the process of building a website,  www.interactioninmind.com . Where I think about findings from my research and try and feedback information that might be useful for families. It needs a lot of work at the moment, but do check back. I’m using Mr Site. For its price (£34.99) it is fantastic. Very easy to use. It does have a basic blog feature, but it’s not easy to assign labels or add video, so for now at least I’ll stick with a regular blog platform.

It’s going to be important that videos work well on this blog and that comments are easy to use so I’ll test both those features below. The video is ‘one I made earlier’. Thoughts about what it means to have severe autism.


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